Day 7: Rest at the Seminole Lodge and the good will of man

What a beautiful and restful day it's been! I woke at the usual time, about 6, and let the sun slowly awaken my tired limbs. A breakfast of peaches and cream oatmeal wasn't gonna make itself so I fired up the stove and was eating within five minutes props to the MSR Whisperlite International. I had a shower, oh yeah! So far I've only gone one day without but I am certain that will change soon. And then I pulled out my thermarest and lounged in the morning sun for an hour or two with the last corona and the slight breeze wafting off Lake Seminole. However, for a rest day I sure got a lot done. I cleaned and lubed my bike chain (this took much longer than one would think- it's amazing how much gunk had built up in six days), organized my gear, planned my route through Texas, finally got around to canceling my car insurance, and tried to take care of some forest service background check business but had to leave a message.

Well after lunch and more laying around, I moseyed on down to the office to pay for another night and, to my delight, found that a man who left this morning paid for my campsite. Well, most of it. I had to cover five bucks. So awesome! I chatted with the owner some more. He showed me the lake on a map and pointed out the features on the actual lake so I could get my bearings. Turns out I am only a mile from the Georgia border. The air over the lake became increasingly smoky throughout the afternoon. The owner informed me that they do prescribed burning in Georgia fairly often this time of year. I would've liked to have been there. What a nice fellow, this man. I didn't ask his name but I said I would stop by in the morning to say bye. I'll have to formally introduce myself then.

Well, I just ate a gigantic supper of one of those pasta sides with tuna and lots of hot sauce. Enough food for two people to be fed but I ate it all eagerly by myself.

My touring appetite has finally arrived. I'm up to three servings of oatmeal in the morning. And hungry again by 10.

That's about all, folks. I feel rested and relaxed and ready to hit the road again tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be 72 and sunny with an east southeast wind, 5-10 mph. Good news for you, too! That means I'll complain less, which I should strive for anyway. Wind happens. I guess I should just quietly deal with it. Okie dokie artichokies, I'm off to read a neat book, Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey, and fall asleep to the sounds of a restless lake.

Night night,

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