Day 19: Silsbee, TX to Coldspring, TX

Miles today: 77.8
Total miles: 1294.9
Ride time: 5:34:17
Weather: hot again, cyclometer once read 94, south wind got more feisty in afternoon
Water consumption: better but less than ideal
Number of cars driven past my camp site blaring country music: 4, but it is still early
Neighbors that look like members of ZZ Top: 1
Joints malfunctioning: 1
Tendons malfunctioning: 1
Ready for a break: hell yeah!

Greetings Earthlings.

I write to you this evening from a primitive camp site in Double Lake Recreation Area just west of Coldspring, Texas. The lone star state is treating me well so far.
I woke early this morning per the usual. I sure wish my body would stop waking up when it's still dark. Can't do anything with that except be tired all day. And tired I was. I'm really starting to feel these 14 straight days of riding in many parts of my body, especially my legs. My left achilles is starting to hurt a little too. And the terrain has become more hilly. So today was a little tough. I'm hoping these five days of rest will cure all that ails me.

I met Dae a little after 8 and we set off, slowly, into the morning. As soon as we warmed up our tired engines we were sailing smooth. By noon we had covered 55 miles. Yee haw. It soon became apparent we had left the comforting womb of the flat lands and were beginning to hit the fringe of the famous Texas hill country. But it was all downhill. And that made me nervous.

The last 20 miles were spent rolling up and down gentle slopes as we gradually climbed to the town of Coldspring. It's a real cute and old timey place. The buildings on main street still have wooden sidewalks.

Here I said goodbye to Dae. He was heading off to see Lake Livingston and I to....be surrounded by hundreds of screaming children on spring break.

See ya later, ridin buddy!

Before I made my way to this here campground I feasted on a Philly dip at Elaine's Family Restaurant, where I was charged $1.50 for a giant glass of ice water. But the sandwich was delicious. Then I mounted my trusty stead and rode the last three miles to where I now sit.

Speaking of trusty steeds, I have big news!!!

Meet Ida (full name Ida Kent) named after Ida Kent Road, the backest of back roads in Louisiana, which I passed while pedaling through a downpour four days ago. Ida, turns out, is of German origin (like me!!) and means hardworking, prosperous, and happy, the full embodiment of this trip so far. The gods have chosen her name well. It was about time.

Friends, friends. I cannot tell you how excited I am to take a few days off and show off my beautiful new tan lines. Oh me oh my, it's gonna be great to give my legs a rest and let my liver do all the work for a change.

But first, one last long day. 87 miles to College Station, where one of my old professors, Chris Edgar, and his family have offered to house me for a night and keep an eye on Ida while I go to California to keep those whippersnappers in line.Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

I guess that means I best be getting back in the habit of going to bed at 8 real quick. It's a good thing I got ear plugs in my care package. These kids have some lungs on them. Until tomorrow, take care, everyone. In the meantime I will dream of beautiful bottles of IPA.


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