Day 3: Florahome to High Springs, FL or "who knew Florida has hills and why didn't they tell me?"

Well, I'm real tired so I'll keep this one short and sweet. My knees are aching, I drank twice as much water, and I just ate a fish Po'boy with sweet potato fries. YUM! Rogue camping was somewhat successful, mostly in the fact that no critters got into my food, but dreams kept waking me. The most terrifying one was such in that I thought it was really happening when I woke, as I dreamt my tent was crawling with big fat meal worms. I still have the creeps from that one. So, not such good sleep last night. But I did ride 75 miles today and I saw the coolest thing ever: an armadillo!!! No picture, sadly. I was riding downhill and super tired so there was no way I was going back up. But it was gnawing on some vegetation right on the trail.

Which reminds me, way to go Florida for having a 16 mile rail to trail from Hawthorne to Gainesville!! That was awesome. No cars for 16 miles, just other bikers waving at me. Awesome. I even took off my helmet!

Currently I am laying down, thank ye Jesus, in the home of Mr. Albert Runyon, who has been kind enough to host me for the night via warmshowers.org. Check it out and sign up because it is killer. The winds were horrendous today, especially the last 15 miles, and I have never been closer to collapsing in the front yard of a total stranger at the end of the day. But his offering of negra modelo steadied my tired legs and brought me ever closer to that sweet moment, the first sip and immediate relaxation after a battle well-fought. And won! I won't say I didn't curse the wind, even taunt it (mistake), then rapidly change my angle and shamelessly beg for the last mile to be still. But I did make it and that is the goal in this sort of undertaking.

The last 20 miles also found me with Janis Joplin stuck in my head, and I changed around the words to better suit my particular station in life. Thought I would share what I sang to myself for an hour as I fought the wind.

Oh Lord, won't you give me a day without wind
My friends all drive cars, I pedal to the end
Worked hard all day long, no help from my friends
So oh Lord, won't you give me a day without wind

Yeah, that got old. Aye, time for sleepy. Big thanks to Albert. Here are some quick stats:

Miles covered today: 75
Total miles: 193.4
Avg speed: 12.7, stupid wind
Max speed: 26.5, yay for hills?
Ride time: 5:53:27
Weather: mostly sunny, 81, sheesh when did summer get here?
Quote of the day: me: " I think my sit bones are finally toughening up."
Albert: "yeah, that or your nerves are dying."

Must pass out. Love to you all. I promise I will get some postcards going soon. And mail drop addresses.

Nighty night,


  1. Did you by any chance check some of your body stats like your weight, body fat, perhaps waist, thigh or other measurements? I've been on a huge health kick lately and regret not taking physical measurements early on.

    I'm so jealous of your ride. Some day I'll take a cross-country trip on too!

  2. No sir, I sure didn't. I did weigh myself last night though at my warmshowers host's house. 151.3. I'll see if I can round up a tape measure and some yarn or something and take some measurements. They should still be about the same as when I started. Good idea, I'm curious myself!

  3. Nice song Jess. Now I've got it stuck in my head!