Day 6: Tallahassee to Sneads, FL or "I've got the headwind blues"

Well, this day sucked. And here is reason number one: my cyclometer somehow got reset as I was crossing the Appalachacola River, not 4 miles from my destination. So I lost all the day's stats. But I can guess.

Miles today: 60ish
Total miles: Yesterday's total plus 60ish. 420ish?
Avg speed: 10.5? It was in the 10s
Max speed: 32.4, a new record on this bike
Ride time: too long
Other reasons today sucked:
1. Headwind. yeah, all 60 miles. Blowing at 10-15 mph, with faster gusts
2. Cold: 55 most of the day, dropping to the 30s tonight.
3. I will admit it. I cried. Shut up. I was tired and hadn't eaten.
4. I got lost in Chattahoochee....and ended up at Florida state hospital and prison. Way to not mark your roads, dicks.
5. Right knee, ouch. It went the way of the left knee.
6. Most uncomfortable day in the saddle ever. Could not find a comfy position
7. Cloudy. Ok, now I'm reaching. Just feel sorry for me already and save me the effort?
Reasons today was sweet:
1. I ran into two bikers heading east. Guess what? They were both from Kentucky, and both from within an hour of my hometown, too.Thanks for that one, universe.
2. I am now in the central time zone. Booya!

Well, I don't really have anything positive to say right now except that I am SO happy to be laying down. It has just been one of those days. Tomorrow is a planned rest day and man oh man, it's gonna be sweet. Yeah, I'll probably sleep all day. No, I won't get out of my pajamas. I might even give my bike mean looks. Just kidding I would never do that to her. She doesn't even have a name yet. I thought for sure something would appear to me by now but, alas, no signs from the gods. I though about calling her Njord, the Viking god of wind. But one, Njord is male and two, I really ought not tempt him anymore. He's already done a number on me.

Speaking of gods, I rode past 21 churches today. 21!! Welcome to the bible belt. Don't like your church? Mosey on 20 feet down the road and try the next one.

I still can't get over running into the Kentuckians. Tim and George are their names. Oh, Tim is also keeping a blog if you havent had your fill of bike blogs yet: http://www.bikerviper.wordpress.com. I havent had a chance to peruse it yet but im sure its great cause everything that comes out of kentucky is awesome. I should've snapped a picture. Seriously, what are the odds three central Kentuckians would meet up in, essentially, the middle of nowhere, FL doing the exact same thing? Wild. But it was very uplifting in the middle of a very trying day. Universe, I want more encounters like this! Supposedly an Adventure Cycling group is heading east. They had reserved the hostel I stayed at in St Augustine for tomorrow but I have yet to see any sign of them. Maybe I was in the John when they passed by.

In other news, I've decided to write a song called, " The Headwind Blues." look for it in record stores worldwide soon. They've all preordered. I think I have a harmonica in here somewhere. Ah yes, key of C. Apologies to all my camping neighbors. I don't know how to play this thing, except the free willy theme song, which is actually a Michael Jackson song, right?

Friends, as they were all day, the trees are bowing to the wind. My tent is shaking, it is cold, and 18 hours worth of sleep imminent. Apologies for the negative content in this entry. But you understand. I didn't get to have proper venting before I began writing. Which means I should go and dream of sunny, warm, windless days. And pitchers of beer at the end of rainbows.

Good night,


  1. Sleep tight. Sorry to hear the wind gods hate you so much. Sounds rough today :( but it's just perfect timing for a little rest. So enjoy! Eat more of that amazing southern food.

  2. EWWWW wind. I was lookingat your route, and I noticed you went through carabelle! I went on vaccation there. And by vacation, I mean there was a bed and breakfast, and we drank beer and went to the beach a lot. Also, this was the place of my alligator encounter. That place just might be out for east coast, humboldt dwellers, so watch out! Look for a package from me at your mail drop!
    Enjoy your rest tomorrow!