Day 27: Comfort to Kerrville, yeah, still Texas

Hey-o. Today was nothing short of misery, if you must know. My tent: so lovely, so comforting. I should have never left it. Ok, not true. I will complain about the events that followed for some time to come. But for now I will only say this: I was only able to ride 20 miles to Kerrville. 20 blustery, insert your own miserable adjective here miles before I gave up and let the 35 mph headwinds win. There was no way I was about to even try and climb the hills that are to come in that kind of wind. Soooo I got a really, really cheap room and stayed in bed all day. Awesome! Also, tv is weird.

One kind of cool thing about this circumstance is Kerrville just happens to be the unofficial halfway point on this trip. Yeah!! I celebrated with pizza and beer and extra sleep. And watched the worst NCAA championship game I think has ever been played. Poor Butler.

That's all I've got. Here's to the wind being at my back tomorrow(?).


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