Fact: Two wheels are better than four

Instead of packing up all of my belongings in anticipation of leaving Kentucky on Sunday, not to return for probably a year, I decided I had better get on here and rap about how ridiculously awesome my new bike is going to be on this trip. I just sold my truck to buy this trusty steed:

Well, not this exact bike but one just like it. I'm afraid old Rosie with her aluminum frame and skinny tires just isn't stout enough to make this trip.

Now: This bike needs a name. Surly calls it the Long Haul Trucker, and for good reason. This bike is STRONG and TOUGH, and pretty, too! So it needs a name that will reflect both its kinetic poetry and mule-like qualities (beautiful, tough, stubborn - oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about me for a second. Just kidding). I'm torn between leaving it to the best suggestion from ye faithful audience or letting the road name it, waiting to see what kind of personality he/she reveals to me as we crank out the first couple of hundred miles together. I'm thinking along the lines of Viking or Greek Gods, but other suggestions are always welcome.

Some ideas:
Odin: King of the Norse Gods and the God of warriors and battle, but also of wisdom and poetry
Idun: The Viking Goddess of spring and immortal youth
Saga: Goddess of sacred poetry, charms, words of power, and drinking partner of Odin
Agrius: Greek giant who was half-man, half-bear
Alala: Spirit of the war cry
Ourea: Gods of mountains

Other things I forgot to mention in the first post:

1. I LOVE sending postcards. So, if you want some, email me your address and I will send you one as often as you like.
2. If you know anyone along the way you think I should meet, or would be willing to house me for a night, tell me! Here is my route:
3. Similarly, if you know of any cool things on this route I would be a fool to miss, namely, BREWERIES and GOOD RESTAURANTS, holler loudly in the appropriate direction, send smoke signals, please, please, please, do what you have to do to guide me to the good beer!!.
4. I would just like to take this opportunity to say how happy I am I'm not riding through Kansas.
5. I am a fan of lists. Expect them often
6. Advanced apology to all those who will be assaulted by my stench in the public libraries I will frequent.

Must go do something productive. I will leave you with another poem. I promise I won't do this every time. Thanks for reading!

Packing is dumb,

Ode to Bicycles
by Pablo Neruda

I was walking
a sizzling road:
the sun popped like
a field of blazing maize,
was hot,
an infinite circle
with an empty
blue sky overhead.

A few bicycles
me by,
the only
that dry
moment of summer,
barely stirred
the air.

Workers and girls
were riding to their
their eyes
to summer,
their heads to the sky,
sitting on the
beetle backs
of the whirling
that whirred
as they rode by
bridges, rosebushes, brambles
and midday.

I thought about evening when
the boys
wash up,
sing, eat, raise
a cup
of wine
in honor
of love
and life,
and waiting
at the door,
the bicycle,
only moving
does it have a soul,
and fallen there
it isn't
a translucent insect
through summer
a cold
that will return to
when it's needed,
when it's light,
that is,
of each day.

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